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Kizziah Construction Inc. is a Subcontractor that approaches its business with a much appreciated, no-nonsense attitude. Consequently in it's more than 18 years of operation Kizziah Construction has grown to dominate the Texas construction market as " The Drywall and Metal Stud Framing Contractor ".
With more than 1,000 completed jobs in the Beaumount, Houston, Texas area alone, Kizziah Construction has undeniably secured a spot in this highly competitive market. Our solid reputation is based on core business values that confirm our quality workmanship, smooth coordination, skillful problem-solving, accurate budget analysis, rigid standards of quality control and safety practices. Kizziah Construction consistently maintains these high standards throughout all of their projects making them the one wall and ceiling contractor that customers turn too for effective project completion.
Kizziah Construction is often asked to go above and beyod expectations by managing challenging situations in the field. Projects that don't have completed plans or that clearly define execution. This does not inhibit our performance due to their design or build techniques and all projects are completed problem-free and made to meet all of the owners expectations.
At Kizziah Construction we are looking towards the future, using cutting-edge technologies to expedite the Estimating and Bidding Processes with On Screen Takeoff and Quickbid Software's that Integrates with Timberline, an accounting program that handles Contracts, AIA Billings, Certified Payrols, and Project Management that includes the use of Change Orders, RFI's, Submittals, and offers state of the art reporting and project analysis, too meet the demands of your modern projects in a timely and efficient manner.
We enjoy strategic competitive advantages with some of the largest supply companies. With our leadership position, deeper suppy resources, greater service capabilities, and superior pricing across-the-board. We are able to provide the best finished products at the best possible price. We facilitate value engineering.
Our policies address all dafety, hazcom, and hazardous waste staying compliant with OSHA and EPA regulations. We are fully insured for liability, bondable and carry workman's compensation; All of our work is also fully warranted.

Thomas Kizziah

Owner/President thomask@tkizziah.com

Jason Caywood

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Kizziah Construction Inc.

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Kizziah Construction

We work with only the best name brand Constriction products and with over 27 years of experience, we are ready to protect your biggest investment from the elements.

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  • 310 S 14th St Beaumont, TX 77702
  • (409) 842-5969
  • Fax: (409) 842-4594
  • thomask@tkizziah.com